On a debate for what…..?



It’s my rabbit’s day!


Those Little Hugs.


Bunga ng malikhaing bata.

“Hinulma ng kamay nya ang mangga, bunga ng isang malikhaiing bata.”

Ang larawang ito ay kalahok sa Saranggola blog awards 3.

It says Its cold.

Ferns are not so silent as we know. They loudly says its cold in the place where they are located, isn’t it?

Photos where taken from lake agco at the foot of Mt. Apo, the hieghs pick in the Phillipines.

Walks of Life…

I took this photo we were on our way to a boiling lake (Lake Agco). I named this as walk of life, a blend of beuaty and unknown danger, sunlight and shadows.